Community Development Block Grant Construction Starts Today

Today the construction starts on the CDBG project, which was awarded  to the City of Bruceville-Eddy from the State of Texas USDA . The project will increase the capacity and pressure delivery of water from the Ford Plant that is on Hudson Lane, down through portions of main Street, along Mackey Ranch road, turning onto Old Moody Road to an appx. location of the northern entrance of Horseshoe Bend. Construction equipment, sand and fill gravel will be stored and moved to each area the will have lines, valves, and PRV’s placed that week. The entire project will need to be completed, (outside of weather related down days) by  March 21st, 2018. The Company will have their business trailer at the Ford Plant, along with equipment needed that week or for the entirety of the project. The company that was awarded the grant project is         B Corp. Utilities Inc.