Eagles’ Landing Restaurant and Grill, LLC to open Fall of 2017

Eagles Landing is really moving along well with the construction progress. Many of you are aware of the “drive by us and honk to let us know you see what we are doing” request that their twitter.com and facebook.com accounts have posted, during the updates they put online. This really has motived Darrin and Peg Weaver about the work they are doing to convert the structure they bought into a real 1st class restaurant. What a compliment this will be to the downtown area of the city. The city is working to move the gas line valves and any obstructions their along Market Street in order to better the lighting for that street and it’s businesses.

You can see some of what is happening with their construction endeavors by visiting the sites below and following them on whatever media you must connect with. The sites will be updated as construction progresses and their time allows. In future, the apps will be developed further so online ordering and e-pay can happen!








E-mail: greatfood@eagleslandingtx.com