Eagle’s Landing Restaurant and Grill Premiere Party A Success!

All the Council and their spouses had an┬ábrilliant time at the Invitation Opening @ Eagle’s Landing Restaurant last night. Felt more like a Premiere Party! Everyone would agree that we were treated like royalty with all the fuss being made. Wow. Just to see what has has been wrought over the past months, I think that when YOU visit, you will have to agree, indeed, that the change is a piece of Eddy’s history. Peg and Darrin Weaver have put together a Texas Welcome to all that walk through the doors and the payoff is great ambience, food, wait staff, (true training has gone into that), and a feel like you could be in your favorite relatives’ dining room!

So proud to involved in efforts that work toward making the City of Bruceville-Eddy the Best, Little Town, in Texas!