Oncor announces proactive power alerts tool for customer convenience

Be in the know!! Even if you are in the dark, with Oncor Alerts!  You can now set customizable preferences to get proactive information from Oncor. com , your electrical delivery company. My Oncor Alerts: Power status updates can be delivered to your cell phone, tablet or voice messaging-all from Oncor. Sign up for My Oncor Alerts by clicking here:    http://Oncor.com   to sign up and create your own custom tool, designed to meet ever changing desires for up to the minute information on power outages, areas affected, and restoration times for electricity in your neighborhood.  The account you create lets you know when and how you would like the information regarding power outages and an estimated time for power to be back on. With Oncor Alerts, you can be in the know, even if you are in the dark.

Visit http://Oncor.com for more information on creating your own custom experience!