USDA-RWA-RU Application and Loan Process

The city continues to make progress with the waste water application and the lengthy financial loan process. The city administrator, along with the city engineers, Tabor and Associates, have inked paperwork to allow for this massive undertaking to make it’s ponderous journey towards Washington D.C., and the Federal Offices of the United States Department of Agriculture. Our area USDA-RU administrator Terri Chenowyth,  who is a specialist in the loan/grant process, has worked hard to keep this project right in line with deadlines which will allow for some major announcements to be made towards the middle of this fall.

Keep Watch.

You will be the first to know the news regarding the waste water solution, the changes that it will allow for, and the prosperity that it will be able to kick start for the City of Bruceville-Eddy!