Bee Swarms, Bee Keepers, and “Uber”ized Bees

This is the time of the year when you may see honey bees handling their burgeoning hive populations by “swarming”. Bee colonies will split the hive population by a ruling Queen sending out scout bees to find a great spot to start a new hive and home for the overgrown colony. After a suitable home is found, sometimes an abandoned washing machine, or a wire spool, an old fifty gallon drum or the interior wall of your garden shed, the new Queen and her subjects will begin the trek to their new digs!  When this phenomenon happens, it is known rightly, as “swarming”. This is not the improperly used term that some writers use to describe when bees collectively begin to “defend” a hive.  A swarm looks much like a very large cluster of grapes in the sky, periodically stopping to rest and cool the queen down. She is generally in the center of the moving ball of honeybees, she is kept at a constant temperature by the wing speed of the transport honeybees. When the large moving mass stops for a breather, many times you are able to see that happen. They will land on a large support limb and you see the “grape shaped” swarm hanging from it.  Call a Bee Keeper immediately, they will come to move the mobile ball of bees. The Keepers do not want to lose a new colony to aggressive cans of insect repellant. See the poster below for numbers to call in the event you witness a BeeUberBall!