Tabor and Associates Inc., Consulting Engineers

Tabor Engineering has begun a city-wide mapping of the streets here in the City of Bruceville-Eddy. The surveyors will be in the city for appx. 90-120days, depending upon the weather and unforeseen circumstances that may arise. The surveyors will be in white Ford trucks and will carry typical surveying equipment, much like many of you may have seen while the IH-35 expansion project has been in progress. The project is a two-fold one, the mapping necessary for new streets, and for the grades, projections, GPS locales to be recorded for the waste water connections that are being put into place. Some of you may see the surveyors recording distances to your home or business. This is typical of this type of recording which will be necessary. All trucks will be plainly marked, all surveyors will have identification which can be produced upon request.  Trucks will have a red, white and black logo on the sides, which will state Tabor and Associates, Consulting Engineers.