Next Wednesday we will be making a traffic change at the FM 107/southbound frontage road intersection that will allow the contractor to continue working on the north half of the new intersection.  The changes to traffic are as follows:

-All traffic heading east on FM 107 will have to turn south at the new southbound frontage road.  Southbound traffic will continue down the frontage road as normal. Northbound traffic and eastbound SH 7 traffic will be detoured back north at Old Blevins Rd.  SH 7 traffic will then turn right at SH 7/frontage road intersection to continue east.

-Westbound SH 7 traffic that wants to continue west to FM 107 must turn right at the northbound frontage road intersection.  From there they will be detoured back to the south at North Eddy Dr then continue west on FM 107 as normal.  Those wishing to access either the southbound frontage road or IH 35 will still be able to cross the bridge and turn south. The northbound IH 35 movement will remain unchanged.

-Traffic that wants to head west on FM 107 from the northbound frontage road will be sent to the detour at the North Eddy intersection.  The eastbound movement will remain unchanged.

-The eastbound and westbound movements from the southbound frontage road will remain unchanged.

A rough sketch is attached showing these detour routes. We’re working on a better map and I’ll get it to you once complete.

Looking down the road, in roughly the next 6 weeks or so the FM 107 bridge will be shut down to traffic entirely and demolished. All eastbound traffic will be detoured to Old Blevins and all westbound traffic will be detoured to North Eddy. More details will be given as soon as the date for this closure is known.