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Honorable Judge Kevin R. Madison, Municipal Judge

Official Court Reporter – Kimberly Bowen Seibert

143 WIlcox Dr. # A

Eddy, Texas 76524

Rules of the Court. Please Read!

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Court is held twice a month on Thursdays, please see “On or Before Date” on Citation or call our office for Court Dates. Our Court Session hours are: 9:00 am till Court is adjourned at 11:00 am. The Municipal Court Judge is Honorable Kevin R. Madison. The court has a dress code. The Judge will not hear cases if dress code is not adhered to. Court costs, fine amounts, and information about Driver Safety Course can also be found online. Driver Safety Courses are only available to drivers who have not taken a course within the last twelve(12) months, cannot have a CDL(commercial drivers license), and cannot be in a construction zone with workers present nor have exceeded the posted speed limit by 25 mph. Court does offer Deferred Disposition(see court forms). Court does offer a payment plan, or a thirty(30) day extension(see Reply Form). Payment plan carries an additional charge of .00. City of Bruceville-Eddy, Texas does not take messages for the Municipal Court Judge. He is a circuit court judge and is only available on Thursday at above stated time. PLEASE NOTE: that the Judge and Court staff cannot discuss the merits of pending judicial proceedings prior to trial and cannot give you legal advice. A TELEPHONE CALL DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN APPEARANCE. Your appearance HAS TO BE: (1) IN PERSON; (2) VIA CERTIFIED MAIL, OR by AN ATTORNEY.

Accident reports are .00 each and can be obtain at Police reports are .00 each and can be paid for online in the payment center link.


If you are financially unable to pay your fine or court costs fully, in one payment, there are other options, such as time-payment plans and community service hours instead of paying the fine and court costs. You can set up a time to see the judge and give him sworn testimony regarding your financial situation. In certain situations of extreme financial hardship, the judge may reduce the fine and court costs or eliminate them completely, depending on the severity of your financial situation.



POLICE DEPARTMENT The police department is located at 410 Hudson Lane, Eddy, TX 76524.Offices are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.After hours, the police department can be reached by contacting the McLennan CountyThe mission of the Bruceville-Eddy Police Dept is:To protect life, individual liberty and property;To preserve peace and o...


MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL The City of Bruceville-Eddy is governed by the rules and regulations pertaining to a class A general law city as outlined in the Texas Local Government Code. Municipal elections are held annually in November and council members are elected to two year terms. City Council meetings are held every 2nd Thursday of each month at 6...

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WATER DEPARTMENT Hours of OperationMonday through Friday 8:00–5:00Closed 12:00–1:00 (lunch)TARIFF SHEETS INSIDE & OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS MCLENNAN COUNTY, FALLS COUNTY & BELL COUNTYCutoff date for non-payment is the 1st working day after 15th due date.Water will be cutoff next day if not paid as per extension agreement. Water Do...